What if we could prevent chronic diseases?

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The numbers we want to change

There are 15.5 million deaths caused by cardiovascular disease every year. The annual cost of cardiovascular disease and diabetes is 1.3 trillion dollars worldwide.

We exist to prevent the individual distress and global societal cost-burden caused by chronic diseases.


It’s about the blood test

Blood is the global standard to understand health and disease. 70% of healthcare diagnostics is based on blood biomarkers that reflect the health state of an individual.

Costs comparison

Cost comparison between traditional and Brainshake's approach.

Which way do we choose to go?

Being able to measure broad biological data routinely is an unprecedented opportunity to transform healthcare and change the direction of macroeconomic costs of chronic diseases. The more accurate the analysis, the better the prediction at the individual patient level. The more individual the prediction, the better the possibility to provide appropriate treatment - and prevent chronic diseases.

Our biomarker platform